About Us

We are a diverse team of young people who came to Germany as students and au pairs, and who now pursue different career paths and are passionate about helping others. We have combined our experiences and expertise in various fields to assist those who are following in our footsteps – and we hope to spare them the difficulties we faced.

Our Mission

The Next Step team is here to advise and support you during your time in Germany. We are your source of information on all questions, concerns and available options: au pair year, social year, doing an Ausbildung, studying and working, etc.  We point you in the right direction and are there to encourage you to reach your goals! Just reach out, and we’ll help.


Au pairs, students and young people with an immigration background.


Provide information and support to navigate life in the German society.

Help integrate into the society.

Inspire, motivate and promote young people to achieve their goals.

Raise public and political awareness on issues concerning young immigrants.


Informative website.

One on one advice sessions.

Events (workshops, seminars, webinars).