Claudine Ndlovu – (Co-Founder) President

B.A. International Tax & Law, M.Sc. Economics Student (in progress)

I co-founded The Next Step after having identified an information gap and realising the difficulties that young immigrants cope with when navigating life in Germany—a land of great opportunities for those immigrants but also, at least initially, a foreign country with a foreign language. I wanted to foster a culture of helping, information sharing and proactiveness, with the ultimate goal of being part of the solution amongst the immigrant community. I initially came to Germany as an au pair and then stayed on to study, and both experiences—au pair and being a student—strengthened my desire to become a source of help and advice for others, especially when it comes to providing the best guidance that others need to achieve their goals.

I strongly believe everything is possible if you put in the work and ask, because as a wise person said, a question not asked is a door not opened.”