Claudine Ndlovu – (Co-Founder) President

Tax Associate  B.A. International Tax & Law

I co-founded The Next Step after having identified an information gap and realising the difficulties that young immigrants cope with when navigating life in Germany—a land of great opportunities for those immigrants but also, at least initially, a foreign country with a foreign language. I wanted to foster a culture of helping, information sharing and proactiveness, with the ultimate goal of being part of the solution amongst the immigrant community. I initially came to Germany as an au pair and then stayed on to study, and both experiences—au pair and being a student—strengthened my desire to become a source of help and advice for others, especially when it comes to providing the best guidance that others need to achieve their goals. I strongly believe everything is possible if you put in the work and ask, because as a wise person said, a question not asked is a door not opened.”

Nhlanhla Mpofu – (Co-Founder) Vice-President

B.A. (HONS) Psychology, B.A. Gender and Diversity

‘’As one of the co-founders of The Next Step, I felt there was a great information deficit which led to a lot of problems for young women and men that came to Germany as au pairs or students. Paired with our own experiences as au pairs we created a platform that would bring information that would assist these young people in making informed decisions about their future should they choose to stay in Germany. I believe that as we grow as an organisation we will l be able to reach more and more young people from different countries and guide them in the path in Germany by offering them necessary important information’’

Audrey Ncube – (Member)

Biologist – B.Sc. Applied Biology, M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences

 ‘’I know how difficult it can be to manoeuvre in a new country; not knowing where or whom to turn to should one have questions. I was enticed by the idea of creating a support group to help fellow Zimbabweans who arrive in Germany as either au pairs or students. Seeing as I have experienced both worlds, I know the importance of having support. I did not get to where I am right now by myself – certain people who cared enough helped me pave my way.”

Tapiwa Mugadza – (Member)

B.Sc. Electronics Student

“Young people face many difficulties when settling in a new country. I was no exception and reflecting on my struggles, when l found out about the Next Step, it was an opportunity l could not pass. I strongly believe that the Next Step will help  a lot of young people to hold on to their dreams and that their work is key for a more promising future for minority immigrant communities.”

Della Chikowore – (Member)

Executive Assistant

‘’There are so many injustices faced by Zimbabweans in Germany due to lack of knowledge. We as a people are generally subservient, this fosters a culture whereby we work and work and work but at the end of the day we hardly see the results. Having lived in Germany for a few years and having observed how other cultures and minorities tackle the work field in Germany, I felt that I needed to be part of an organization that helps disseminate helpful information to those needing it.  I believe advice is never too small or too insignificant to share.

Isabell Diekhoff – (Member)

B.A. Gender and Diversity Student

“I joined the Next Step because I believe the organisation can be of great help to young immigrants creating their future paths in Germany by providing information about their possibilities and showing the various options there are, Information is not always as accessible as it should be, and the Next Step is a platform that aims to improve this. Improving the access to information will increase possibilities for young immigrants and assist them with problems they might encounter on their paths. The more the organisation grows the more it is going to be able to reach more people from various countries.”

Millicent Masisimani – (Member)

Geriatric Nurse Apprentice

‘The reason why I joined Next Step is that as a former au pair I know one can need help, but because of lack of information one has to suffer. To avoid this, l want to support the community of au pairs in Germany by providing help and guidance in all aspects concerning life as an Au-pair. Moreover, it is important that we work toward a better future. You can make a difference. Don’t listen to people who say you are unqualified, you can start a change in Germany and see it through.

Nomalanga Ncube – (Member)

B.A. Gender and Diversity Student

After coming to this country and having my eyes opened to the expectations and reality at hand I felt there was a need to have something like a safe haven of information and sense of protection. Many a time we have seen people stranded and those that should be helping them are nowhere to be found. For me nothing is as disheartening as seeing a person in need and we all turn a blind eye. Through the vast experience and research done by the Next step it is my belief that many, a young immigrant will be equipped with information and they can also know how to go about certain scenarios (what to avoid or bear in mind).”